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SiriusWeb Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

Complete Remote Temperature Monitoring Systems

Become empowered to monitor and record all of your refrigeration equipment temperatures ... all while protecting your investment.

  • Ensure full compliance with Federal, State and local temperature record keeping guidelines
  • Accurate and Consistent Monitoring
  • Alerts for temperatures out of compliance
  • Complete "Turnkey" cloud-based solution with absolutely no software to load or maintain, 24/7/365 access to your information

Cold storage is becoming more subjected to external regulation. To assist you in your quality control program, we are offering you a new all inclusive service via the internet: SiriusWeb.

This turnkey, web-based solution allows on-line access to review your system temperatures from any web connection.

An Intelligent System

  • Measures and monitors your cold storage chambers
  • Automaticaly records and archives all your temperature data
  • On-line access for review available from any PC connected to the internet
  • Automatic alarm alerts sent via email, sms/text message or phone

Necessary Tool For:

  • Diagnostic and Reference Laboratories
  • Research Laboratories
  • Pharmacies and Clinical Laboratories
  • Commercial kitchens
  • Small and medium distribution warehouses

An Advantageous Solution

  • Easy to implement and use
  • User friendly web interface
  • Complete solution, from recording and archiving to alarms
  • Automatic and constant monitoring
  • Economic subscription service

 System Architecture

Step 1: Install the recorder on the chamber to be monitored.

The SPY RF recorder measures and records the temperature data and wirelessly transmits to the Sirius Box receiver.

Step 2: Position the Sirius Box for radio transmissions and simply plug into a power outlet.

The Sirius Box then transfers measured data daily to the central server. Data are saved, archived and can be consulted.

Step 3: Review your data and share information through any PC or web based device, thanks to secured access.

In case of alarm, the recorder sends an alert message to the central server via the Sirius Box and pre-set alarm notifications such as email, text message or voice message can be launched.

To learn more about SiriusWeb and the monitoring and reporting systems and for specific benefits for your business, please contact Ray Conville, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 800.938.2665.