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Diversified Refrigeration’s Preventative Maintenance Program for Commercial HVAC & Refrigeration Services

Diversified Refrigeration is pleased to offer a Preventative Maintenance program that keeps our commercial client’s HVAC/R systems running at peak performance, saving downtime and money. Customers who sign a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Diversified Refrigeration have many reasons to be happy:

  • Customers who sign a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with us have reduced their need for emergency service calls by as much as 65%.
  • Every Preventative Maintenance Agreement customer receives an annual cost analysis on every piece of equipment. Customers can quickly identify equipment that is working at less than acceptable levels to improve operating efficiencies.
  • Keeping equipment running at its peak performance will greatly effect the bottom line with significant savings on monthly energy bills. We have all seen what the rising cost of energy has done to our operations expenses.
  • Preventative Maintenance also gives a customer the ability to plan for the replacement of costly units, taking advantage of any equipment cost savings that might be available, rather than having to replace equipment in an emergency situation due to a major failure. Regular maintenance helps to maintain better indoor air quality, thus providing a better, healthier work place, resulting in less time lost to sickness. We all know the cost of labor and what that means to the bottom line.

Other benefits of our Preventative Maintenance program include longer equipment life and the ability to maintain budgets. Our service technicians will make recommendations before a part fails so equipment downtime is minimized. This does not mean that parts will not fail unexpectedly, but with our Preventative Maintenance Agreement, this is minimized. Also, utility costs are decreased because the equipment is working to its peak performance based upon the age of the equipment.

The benefits of these programs far outweigh the cost. By investing in your equipment, your company is investing in its future... your employees.

A Case in Point: Identifying Air Quality Issues Leading to Poor Productivity

Air quality issues affect a company's biggest asset – their employees. Poor air quality causes loss of productivity due to excessive sick days, lethargic employee attitudes, colds and virus's spreading throughout the office, and much more.

These concerns can be addressed by implementing a Building Equipment Survey and Preventative Maintenance Program with Diversified Refrigeration. We can show you how the amount of fresh air being introduced into a building, the air filters that are being used, and the frequency they are being changed are ways to improve air quality. Also, the use of ultra-violet lamps to kill bacteria, viruses and spores, can dramatically decrease their spreading throughout the building, allowing employees to focus 100% on their job, rather than what's in the air.