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Diversified Refrigeration’s Preventative Maintenance Program for Commercial HVAC, Refrigeration, and Boilers

Diversified Refrigeration is pleased to offer a Preventative Maintenance program that keeps your Commercial HVAC, Refrigeration, and Boiler systems running at peak performance, saving downtime and money. Customers who sign a Preventative Maintenance Agreement with Diversified Refrigeration have many reasons to be happy:

  • Keeping equipment running at its peak performance reduces energy costs.
  • Planned preventative maintenance increases equipment reliability, and reduces the need for emergency service calls.
  • Preventative maintenance also gives customers early warnings on equipment that is trending toward failure and provides the ability to plan for the replacement of costly units, rather than having to make emergency replacements. 
  • Regular maintenance helps to maintain better indoor air quality, providing a better, healthier work place. 
  • Preventative maintenance customers receive priority and a discount on service calls.  (Service is available 24/7.)

The benefits of these programs outweigh the costs. By investing in preventative maintenance of your equipment, your company is investing in energy efficiency, productivity, and the work environment.